Cruise of the French, Italian and Spanish Riviera Coastal Villages
AUGUST 5-15, 2024


Join us for a stunning panorama of chic villages and vistas of these three legendary Riviera coastlines along the French Riviera, featuring St. Tropez/Cannes, the Italian Riviera, featuring Portofino and the famed villages of the Cinque Terre and the Spanish Riviera, featuring Malaga, Granada and the scenic Andalusia coast.

We will also enjoy a day visiting the Rock of Gibraltar and a day visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa and timeless Florence Italy, before our cruise ends in Rome.
The incomparable Leaning Tower of Pisa
The awe inspiring hilltop basilica of Notre Dame De La Garde




Arrive in Barcelona on your own arrangement on Sat. Aug 3rd and transfer to our hotel (Holiday inn Express, Novotel, Mercure or similar branded chain.)

We will have a group orientation this evening.


Today we will enjoy a tour of Barcelona, featuring its famous sights, highlighted by the incredible  Sagrada Familia Cathedral of Anotonio Gaudi.
 La Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona Spain

Monday August 5th, 2024

Today we will be transferred to the cruise ship for boarding.

Our ship is the island Princess of Princess Cruise Lines.

Enjoy all the included amenities of a great cruise

  • A glorious sun deck with ample sun loungers

  • 2 pools and multiple Jacuzzis, plus a poolside bar
  • Gourmet meals in the main dining room, or casual meals in the Horizon Court buffet

  • Nightly Entertainment shows, dancing, piano bar, casino
  • PLUS EXCLUSIVE TO PRINCESS CRUISES – (and always included)

Only Princess Cruise Line offers this unique way to enjoy watching great movies, projected on their huge screen above the sun deck, allowing its passengers to relax, reclining on a deck lounger or deck chair,  to watch great movies, under the warm starry summer night skies of the clear blue sea.

Princess even provides the popcorn!

And since this cruise takes place during the last days of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, you may also enjoy the opportunity to catch the stunning Olympic Closing Ceremony (Sun. Aug. 11th) live on the huge screen above the sun deck that night, and just maybe catch the US Swim or Gymnastic teams bring home a gold medal in dramatic style, while relaxing on the sun deck with a cold beverage!


Poolside Pizza with Pizzazz

The Princess Pizzeria is conveniently located poolside for a casual bite while relaxing on deck or while watching Movies Under the Stars®.
Serving the "Best Pizza at Sea, according to USA TODAY newspaper, you’ll delight in the classic favorites like pepperoni and margherita, as well daily specialty pizzas.

For cappuccino, espresso and other coffee specialties, as well as fresh pastries throughout the day, head to La Patisserie for quick treats in a comfortable, casual sidewalk café-style setting. Savor a buttery croissant or your favorite cookie while sipping on a specialty coffee.

The Island Princess holds only 2200 guests, so you will never feel lost in a crowd, or in an endless line, like on the mega ships of some cruise lines.
We will have nightly group dinners in the main dining room for all wishing to dine together at the same time, or you can choose to dine when and where you wish.  We will also have group activities on the 2 sea days, including team theme trivia games.







Monday, August 5th 2024

Barcelona, Spain                      Depart 5PM

05:00 pm

Tuesday, August 6th 2024

Ibiza , Spain                             8AM-6PM

08:00 am

06:00 pm

Wednesday, August 7th 2024

At Sea

Thursday, August 8th 2024

Gibraltar                                   7AM-6PM

08:00 am

06:00 pm

Friday, August 9th 2024

Malaga, Spain                          7AM-6PM

07:00 am

06:00 pm

Saturday, August 10th 2024

At Sea

Sunday, August 11th 2024

Marseille (Provence), France   9AM—7PM

09:00 am

07:00 pm

Monday, August 12th 2024

St Tropez, France                     7AM-6PM

07:00 am

06:00 pm

Tuesday, August 13th 2024

Portofino, Italy                        7AM-6PM

07:00 am

06:00 pm

Wednesday, August 14th 2024

Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Italy  7AM-7PM

07:00 am

07:00 pm

Thursday, August 15th 2024

Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy      8AM

06:00 am

Map shows port stops for French, Spanish & Italian Rivieras. For more details, refer to the List of Port Stops table on this page.



Ibiza is one of the Balearic islands, an archipelago of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. It's well known for the lively beach scene in Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni.  It’s also home to quiet villages, yoga retreats and beaches.

Ibiza is one of the most famous, scenic and popular of the Balearic Islands. Although the island's size is relatively small, it is packed with amazing sights, attractions and things to do
Ancient shrines, and the dramatic 16th-century ramparts that snake around the Dalt Vila, high above Ibiza Town. The bucolic countryside, dotted with olive and citrus groves.

One of the most famous, scenic and popular of the Balearic Islands is Ibiza. Although the island's size is relatively small, it is packed with amazing sights, attractions and things to do


Barcelona, Spain

 (Optional 2 night Pre cruise hotel and sightseeing package)

The 1992 Summer Olympics revealed to the world what Europeans and seasoned travelers already knew - Barcelona is one of the world's greatest treasures. Vibrant and earthy, commercial and cultural, this city of two million residents is the capital of Spain's autonomous region of Catalonia. Stroll along the wide, tree-lined promenades of Las Ramblas and marvel at the spires of Gaudi's Basilica La Sagrada Familia. Or visit the former Olympic Ring on the hill of Montjuic - also home to world-class parks, fountains and museums. Barcelona, which nurtured such artistic giants as Picasso, Dali, Miro and Casals, is definitely a traveler's paradise.


(Home to the Rock of Gibraltar)

The Rock crouches over the sea like an ancient stone beast, looking Sphinx-like to Africa. Beneath the white cliffs of this natural fortress grows a profusion of palm, pine, and cypress. No fewer than 600 varieties of flowers thrive here, some not found anywhere else on Earth. Gibraltar's stunning setting is matched by its history - five countries have battled for 13 centuries to control the passage between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The result made for a cultural melting pot. Veiled Moroccan women in caftans and vacationing Englishmen and Spaniards stroll along the narrow, steep lanes. The locals revert to a liquid Spanish when talking among themselves. And visitors to a 15th-century cathedral pass through a blue-tiled courtyard, once part of a 13th-century mosque.

Helmeted bobbies, pillar-boxes and pubs make for a bit of Britain in the Mediterranean. Gibraltar is a fascinating place, from its caves and batteries to the Barbary apes gamboling on the slopes of the Rock.

Enjoy optional shore excursions to take you to the Top of the Rock by cable car or by a guided hike.


Malaga, Spain

One of Spain's oldest cities, Malaga has been inhabited since the time of the Phoenicians, who called it Malaka. A city of narrow streets, whitewashed houses, churches and sunny plazas, Malaga offers an idealized image of Spain. Malaga was the chief port for the Kingdom of Granada, the last stronghold of Moorish Spain. The city fell to Ferdinand and Isabelle in 1487. The re-conquest of Spain ended with the fall of Grenada in 1492, the year Columbus discovered the New World.

In addition to the fabled Alhambra, Granada boasts some significant landmarks such as the Old Quarter, the majestic Granada Cathedral, Alcazaba – an ancient Moorish fortress nestled above the city, and the Royal Chapel – the final resting place of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Andalusia's main port is also your gateway to the resorts of the Costa del Sol.

Malaga is charming to stroll at your leisure, exploring its cobbled streets with charming shops, cafes, churches and more.

Some of the most popular excursions here will take you to see the famed city of Granada, where legendary King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella are buried (The King and Queen who sent Christopher Columbus to discover America), or a guided hike along the stunning vistas of the Caminito Del Rey.


Marseille (Provence), France

The largest port on the Mediterranean, Marseille is France's second largest city and a virtual melting pot of peoples and cultures. It is also a place of striking contrasts, from the fishing boats and pleasure craft of the picturesque Vieux Port to the modern Canebiere. Dominating the harbor is the infamous Chateau d'If, the rocky prison from which Alexandre Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo escaped. Marseille is also your gateway to Provence. Explore the countryside around Arles and Avignon, immortalized in the canvases of Van Gogh, Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso.

From here you can explore the charming village of Aix en Provence, with its numerous fountains, along beautiful walkways and courtyards, plus delightful cafes and shopping, or walk along the scenic seaside Callanques.

Popular excursions in this port are a guided visit to Ai en Provence and the village of Lourmarin, or a drive along the seaside Corniche of Marseilles,  or a visit to the stunning hillside basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde.
Or enjoy a visit to Avignon, which was the official residence of the Catholic church for over one hundred years of French popes.

 Or for the active at heart, enjoy a guided hike in the footsteps of famed French painter Cezanne, taking you through the scenery featured in many of his paintings, featuring lush countryside, foothills and panoramic vistas of dramatic mountains and cliffs, as well as rolling vineyards.
Bird watchers will love the excursion to the fabulous Camargue for an unrivalled bird watching endeavor.


St Tropez, France

St Tropez is one of the most famous, most popular and most lavish beach towns along the famed French Riviera.

St. Tropez shimmers along the storied waters of the Cote d'Azur. Its history dates to Roman times, the quaint charm of its twisting maze of picturesque streets harks back to the medieval age and its beaches figured in the Allied landings of WWII. It is the romantic allure of high-end shops, lavish yachts and trendy restaurants and bars frequented by celebrities and the attending paparazzi that keeps the town an epicenter of the social whirl. A lively town square, the Place aux Herbs, has been a center of activity for centuries. It's just one of many popular places to see and be seen.

Popular excursions here feature a visit to the Old Quarter of St. Tropez, a visit to the nearby village of Cannes, to see where the annual Cannes Film Fest takes place each year, or a visit to the colorful lavender fields and perfumeries in the countryside village of La Lavendou.


Portofino, Italy

Portofino, along the Italian Riviera, along with its small and chic seaside villages along the Ligurian Coast are worthy rivals to St. Tropez and the French Riviera. Stroll seaside promenades lined with palm trees or climb narrow alleys lined with towering, pastel-painted houses. Secluded coves, promontories crowned with medieval churches, fine beaches - Portofino and the Ligurian Riviera offer some of the finest scenery in all Italy.

Portofino has been a popular winter resort since the 19th century, when the railway first connected the small fishing ports of the Italian Riviera with Genoa.
You can enjoy strolling the seaside vistas, and shopping at your leisure here or

Popular excursions here are a visit to Genoa, to see the birth home of Christopher Columbus,  or a visit to the villages of Portofino, Santa Margharita and Rapallo, or a visit to the famed villages of Cinque Terre!


Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Italy          

Livorno is the gateway to glorious Tuscany. Visit Florence - the cradle of the Renaissance - home to the Duomo, the Uffizi and the Ponte Vecchio. Here the Medici fostered a city-state whose cultural legacy is as great as classical Athens. Giants like Dante, Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Galileo infused the West with a new creative spirit. Then there is Pisa, Florence's rival for political power. Pisa, a brash, commercial seafaring town rivaled the great maritime powers of Venice and Genoa. The city was a leader in art and architecture second only to Florence.

Two of the most popular destinations in all of Europe, Florence and the Leaning Tower of Pisa are can be visited together today or choose to visit just one or the other.

See the legendary statue of David in Florence, or admire the Leaning Tower from a grassy field in front or climb its steps to the top for a scenic view.


Shore Excursion details of popular excursions on this cruise (other shore excursions will also be available to be purchased from Princess Cruises Lines website or onboard, if you wish)



Top Of The Rock

For those who prefer to see the sights at their own pace, this independent cable car excursion is a perfect choice. Make the most of your time in Gibraltar when you travel to the iconic "Top of the Rock," a must-see attraction. The journey is six minutes long and smoothly glides to a height of 412 meters (1,300 feet) above sea level. Once you reach the summit, take in the magnificent views. Pick up a personal multimedia device so that, while taking in the sights, you will be guided by engaging historic and insightful commentary. No visit to Gibraltar would be complete without seeing the Barbary apes, the only free-roaming monkeys in Europe. You will also have free time to do a little shopping on Main Street or relax in the Irish Town pedestrian area (at your own expense). Return to the ship on your own. Only $65

A Stroll On The Upper Rock

The Top of the Rock offers the top sights of Gibraltar when you embark on a three-hour walking tour with a knowledgeable guide. Begin your adventure with a motor coach ride that takes you around the Rock to view the huge catchment area and Catalan Bay. Then head up to the Upper Rock for your first stop of the day, a visit to St Michael's Cave. Here, you'll walk through a dramatic network of limestone caves located deep within the Upper Rock Mature Reserve. Legend tells that the first monkeys found their way to Gibraltar through a tunnel that linked these caves to Africa. You'll learn more about the famed Barbary apes on your next stop at the Apes' Den. Finally visit the Great Siege Tunnels, where you can walk in the footsteps of the leaders and soldiers who fought bravely for their country. You'll pass the Moorish castle and enter the heart of the city. You may choose to stay in town and do some duty-free shopping then return to the ship on your own. Only $70


Hike The Mediterranean Steps

(For the active heart wishing to reach the top of the rock, via a guided hike up its steps, rather than by the cable car ride to the top)

Experience a challenging, guided hike up the Rock and be rewarded with phenomenal views and precious memories. From the pier it's just a short drive to the Mediterranean Steps, which were created by the British military during World War II. Have your camera handy, you may see the different species of plants that call the Rock their home. One plant that you should look for is the Gibraltar Campion, a rare and endangered flower, and if you're visiting in spring you may witness migratory birds. When you reach the 1,398-foot summit you'll have breathtaking views of the Strait of Gibraltar, Windmill Hill, Europa Point, the Great Sand Dune, the Mediterranean Sea and the Spanish Costa del Sol. After you've taken your photos you'll walk to the Upper Cable Car Station for your ride back to town. Then, you'll rejoin your mini coach for the leisurely and relaxing ride back to the ship. .
Only $90



EXCURSION:  GRANADA           9 Hours

Explore Granada's most popular sites on this nine-hour tour celebrating the city's history and scenic beauty. Begin your day at the Granada Cathedral. Constructed between the 16th to 18th centuries, the cathedral boasts a dramatic 147-foot high dome that bathes the cathedral in a surreal light. Nearby is the Royal Chapel, the burial place of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. Another place worthy of a visit is the Plaza de Bib-Rambla, once the site of Moorish festivals and today, a charming plaza. If you're looking for Moorish architecture then visit the 14th century Corral del Carbon, considered the oldest monuments in Granada. The Alcaiceria is a large bazaar that offers handicrafts, ceramics and souvenirs. To learn about Granada's history, the Archeological Museum displays artifacts from the many civilizations that settled here. Later, you'll rejoin your group at the starting point, and re-board your coach for you return trip to port.
ONLY $70


Malaga Cathedral & Alcazaba          4.5 hours

Experience the charm of Malaga on a narrated drive that offers photo opportunities, and historic sites. You'll see El Castillo de Gibralfaro, an old Moorish fortress with stunning views of the city and the Mediterranean. Along the way, you'll snap a photo or two of La Malagueta, Malaga's bullring that seats over 15,000 aficionados. A short walk takes you to the Plaza de la Merced, where you'll take a short stroll to the Roman theater and Picasso's Birth House. Next, you'll visit the Alcazaba, with several impressive Moorish gates in the main buildings, and charming gardens and patios. After a short drive, you'll arrive at the Malaga Cathedral. Built between the 16th and 18th centuries on the site of a mosque, it boasts a unique blend of styles, featuring a Baroque facade, a Gothic floor, a superb Renaissance altar and magnificent Baroque choir stalls. Only $80


Marbella & Puerto Banus          4.5 hours

Travel to the jet set resort of Marbella and experience the charm of the Old Town on a guided walking tour. You'll stroll to Plaza de Naranjos, where orange trees line the main square and historic structures envelope its site - from the 15th century Town Hall with its antique sundial and decorative shield, and the Encarnacion Church, to Casa del Corregidor and the late Gothic-style Hospital San Juan de Dios. Surrounding the plaza are trendy boutiques and open-air cafés, and just a short stroll away, you'll view the walls from an Arab Castle that once stood there. After a short drive, you'll arrive at Puerto Banus Marina, a former village harbor, now a favorite haunt for the international yachting set. You'll have about an hour of free time to explore on your own and browse the trendy boutiques, cafés, clubs and restaurants in town. Only $80


Hiking The Caminito Del Rey   6 Hours

Embark on a guided, active 3.5-hour adventure perfect for nature enthusiasts and fitness buffs. An approximately 75-minute motor coach ride brings you to Caminito del Rey, once considered the most dangerous footpath in the world. But today Caminito del Rey, which translates to The King's Walkway, has been safely restored as a challenging climb for hiking enthusiasts. This unique experience will have you strolling along walkways more than 100 meters up the sheer cliff face. The panoramic view of this natural canyon sculpted by the river will captivate you. The route is 8 kilometers (5 miles), of which two thirds is access paths and a third is walkways. You'll never forget the views! The views of the Guadalhorce River and surrounding limestone cliffs are spectacular, but the views can cause vertigo, so be cautious if you experience dizziness from heights. $129


Port:   Marseille (Provence), France

Easy City Drive & La Corniche         3.25 hours

      Discover this unique three-mile long coastal road on an enjoyable day trip that encompasses sight-seeing and shopping. Drive along the Corniche, which was constructed between 1850 and 1861, and enjoy the stunning views of its craggy coves and beaches, as well as the offshore islands including the If Castle fortress, which was built in 1524, and sits on the tiny Isle of If. View the impressive Cathedral de la Major, an extravagant Neo-Byzantine structure that goes back to the 19th century, and also the busy Le Vieux Port. A stop will be made here enabling you to browse the little shops and boutiques, as well as enjoy the views from the harbor across the city. View the Basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde, which is famous for its amazing gilded statue of the Virgin and Child, before heading back to Marseilles pier, through this lively and unforgettable Mediterranean town.

City Drive & Notre-Dame De La Garde    3.5 hours
The Impressive Longchamp Palace
The awe inspiring hilltop basilica of Notre Dame De la Garde

This wonderful half-day tour is a mix of driving and walking, and there will be stair-climbing involved as you explore this town that boasts a healthy industry, with a quaint fish market that is still held in the Old Port. Enjoy a narrated drive through Marseilles, passing the forts of St. Nicholas and St. John, before traveling along the Canebiere, Marseilles' main street, and on to the Vieux Port. Stop at the 19th century, Neo-Byzantine Notre-Dame de la Garde, an enormous Basilica that sits on a hill overlooking the city and boasts superb views of the Vieux Port, then pass by the impressive 19th century Longchamp Palace, which was built to celebrate the opening of the Marseille canal. Finally, stretch your legs as you browse the shops along the Old Harbor, which dates back to 600 B.C., and was almost destroyed during the Second World War.


Guided Hike In The Footsteps Of Cezanne 

2 hrs. guided hiking plus 3 hours round trip scenic drive.

Follow in the footsteps of the great painter Paul Cézanne when you travel to the breathtaking countryside surrounding Aix-en-Provence. A scenic 90-minute motor-coach drive takes you to the iconic Mont Ste. Victoire, towering at 3,316 feet, or 1,011meters, the subject of Paul Cézanne's masterworks. Embark on a two-hour guided hike through magnificent scenery into the red clay foothills and along the jagged peaks of this stunning mountain, which offers panoramic vistas of the nearby vineyards and villages. Along the way, learn more about the area and pass several points of interest. This is an excellent opportunity for nature photographers and art history buffs eager to experience Cézanne's landscapes first-hand and to gaze upon the mountain that he immortalized on canvas more than 60 times. Return to port refreshed and rejuvenated after this extraordinary day spent in nature.


Port:  St Tropez, France

Excursions to be announced later.


Port:  Portofino, Italy

Genoa - San Lorenzo Cathedral & Chiesa Del Gesu

5 hours | Portofino | TIO-220

Board your motorboat for the short cruise to Santa Margherita. At Santa Margherita, transfer to a motor coach for the scenic drive to Genoa. Enter the old city walls through the Porta Soprana, guarded by twin towers. Cross Piazza De Ferrari passing the Stock Exchange Building and the Teatro Carlo Felice en route to Piazza Matteotti, site of the Ducal Palace and the Chiesa del Gesu. Continue on to the Cathedrale di San Lorenzo. Located within the heart of old Genoa, this medieval cathedral is beautifully constructed with a striking contrast of black slate and white marble. During the visit your guide will point out several ancient holy items inside the cathedral. Next, journey to the Piazza Caricamento and the 13th Century Palazzo di San Giorgio. Browse the shops along the Via di Sottoripa, the historic street leading off the Piazza Caricamento.
Only $79

Paradise Coast Cruise - Camogli & San Fruttuoso
4 hours | Portofino | TIO-210

Cruise along the picturesque Italian Riviera and take in the dramatic views from the Bay of San Fruttuoso en route to Camogli, a charming seaside village untouched by time. Built into a rocky outcrop, Camogli (pronounced kuh-moh'-lee) is best explored on foot on a guided walking tour down its seaside promenade lined with candy-colored buildings, artisan shops and lively cafes. The promenade leads to the 12th century basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, the largest of Camogli's five churches. Before stepping inside, note the intricacy of the pebbled courtyard then take in the splendor of this baroque showpiece resplendent with gilded ornamentation. Afterwards, enjoy 30 minutes to explore on your own to savor the local fare and find the perfect memento of the day. As you cruise back to port, enjoy a light snack of focaccia bread and local wine while admiring the stunning vistas on your approach to Portofino.
Only $89

Portofino, Santa Margherita & Rapallo
4 hours | Portofino | TIO-200

Board your motorboat and head across the bay to Santa Margherita. Take a guided walking tour of the small harbor and view the Villa Durazzo. Stroll along the charming streets and Central Square, and take in this picturesque seaside village along the Italian Riviera coast. Next, meet up with your guide and head for the City of Rapallo. Walk along the seaside promenade lined with palm trees to the small "Castle on the Sea" guarding the harbor entrance. Take a break from sightseeing and enjoy an espresso at a local café. Drive back to Santa Margherita, and catch a motorboat to Portofino. Enjoy a tour of beautiful Portofino, with its colorful houses facing in a semi-circle around the harbor. Continue on to Saint George's Church. Reconstructed in Romanesque style in 1154, the church was completely rebuilt following World War II. St. George serves as Portofino's patron Saint. Only $99


Cinque Terre
8.5 hours | Portofino | TIO-130

Get ready for a daylong journey exploring a famous portion of the Italian Coast. The Cinque Terre or "Five Lands" is made up of five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. Board a motorboat and travel from Portofino to Santa Margherita. Arrive in Santa Margherita and board an air-conditioned motor coach to Manarola. In Manarola you will board a motorboat for a short cruise up the Cinque Terre to Monterosso al Mare.

At Monterosso al Mare you will have free time to explore the tiny shops and experience local hospitality. Visit the local cafes and enjoy a traditional Italian lunch on your own. Gaze out past the sandy beaches filled with colorful umbrellas, and enjoy the tranquil blue Mediterranean resting before you
Only $189


Port: Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Italy

Leaning Tower Of Pisa
3.5 hours | Florence/Pisa (Livorno) | LI1-200

You've seen the pictures. You've read about it, and on this excursion, you can get up close and make your own memories of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, as well as the other notable buildings that make up this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Departing from Livorno, you will take a short 30-minute motor coach ride to Pisa followed by a 15-minute to the Piazza dei Miracoli, or Square of Miracles. Your guide will fill you in on the history of the Tower, explain why it indeed leans, and educate you on the surrounding buildings, then you will have 60 minutes of free time to take your own photos, explore, shop and enjoy the architectural wonders of the area, including the famed Leaning Tower, the Duomo (Cathedral) and Baptistery on your own. Your memorable sightseeing day concludes with a walk back to your motor coach for your scenic return to Livorno and your ship. Only $89

Florence On Your Own
9 hours | Florence/Pisa (Livorno) | LI1-185

Here's your chance to experience Florence your way. Your escort will give some general information and maps to help you find your way, then you'll enjoy 5-hours to create your own adventure, and memories on this independent, full-day excursion. During your 90-minute motor coach ride, your English-speaking escort will assist as you plan your personal itinerary. Arrive in the Historic Center of Florence, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A short 15-minute walk, and you'll be in St. Croce Square and the Basilica where you'll find the tombs of Michelangelo, Machiavelli and Galileo. Take in the stunning 360 degree overviews of the city from the Duomo gracing the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Visit Michelangelo's David, either the copy in the Piazza Della Signoria or the original at the Galleria dell'Accademia. Wander the streets, dine like a true Florentine, view the art and architecture that influenced the ages, and of course, shop for the perfect remembrances of your truly remarkable day.

Visit the medieval village of San Gimignano and Pisa to stand in awe at the sight of one of the world's most iconic structures - the Leaning Tower. Your full-day adventure begins as you board your motor coach in Livorno and travel out to San Gimignano, a small hamlet known as the "city of beautiful towers." Upon your arrival, stroll through the Piazza Duomo and see the Collegiata, a Romanesque cathedral known for its fine frescoes. Then, make your way to a local winery for a vino tasting and appetizers. Continue on to Pisa and three historical and architectural treasures. The Cathedral of Pisa, erected in 1064, boasts a façade of snow-white marble. Nearby is the Camposanto, the burial place of Pisa's upper middle class. Of course, you can't miss the 187-foot tall Leaning Tower of Pisa. It began leaning in 1178, and today, it leans 14-degrees from its center. Return to port.
9 Hours for Only: $119


Climb The Leaning Tower
4 hours | Florence/Pisa (Livorno) | LI1-400

Discover the wonder and majesty of Pisa's UNESCO World Heritage Sites with a four-hour excursion that includes a climb up the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. From Livorno you'll travel by motor coach to the medieval town of Pisa where your guided walking tour begins. From the "Square of Miracles," stroll past the 950-year old Cathedral of Pisa, the first structure erected in the square. Nearby, stands the circular Baptistery. Begun in 1152, it was completed a century later in the more ornate Gothic style. The Piazza's oldest site is the Camposanto. Built in 1278, this serene cemetery is believed to hold earth from the hill where Jesus was crucified. Next, is Piazza's crowning glory, the Leaning Tower. Standing 185 feet high, the Tower boasts a 297-step spiral staircase. After your climb, you'll have 60 minutes to further explore the Piazza before rejoining your motor coach and returning to Livorno.


Cinque Terre
10 hours | Florence/Pisa (Livorno) | LI1-160

The name Cinque Terre refers to five dramatically situated villages that cling to the rocky Ligurian cliffs. Visit two on this exceptional full-day adventure. Enjoy a scenic ride to the popular Italian Riviera and Manarola, one of the villages that make up the "Five Lands," all part of the Cinque Terre National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Upon arrival in Manarola, your local guide will introduce the history of the area with a guided walk, followed by free time. Next, board a motorboat for a 45-minute Mediterranean coastal cruise along the whole Cinque Terre, passing the village of Corniglia which you will enjoy in the distance. Stop in Vernazza and enjoy some free time. Disembark in Monterosso, the largest and most "metropolitan" of the five towns. Sample the flavors of the area with a pesto tasting accompanied by a glass of local wine. Then, explore independently and lunch on your own. Monterosso is where you'll find the only sandy beach in the area. Finally, take a local train to Levanto, a neighboring village, where your motor coach is waiting to return to Livorno and your ship.
10 hours for only $199


TRIP COSTS:   (based on two people per cabin – We can assign you a roommate of the same gender if you don’t have a friend to travel with)

  • 10 NIGHT CRUISE in a cabin With a BALCONY: 

Only $2945 per person plus tax of $131 per person

  • 10 NIGHT CRUISE in a cabin With a Picture Window

Only $2420 per person plus tax of $131 per person

  • 10 NIGHT CRUISE in a cabin With an Obstructed View Window (view obstructed by  one of the ships tender boats)

Only: $2220 per person plus tax of $131 per person


(IF YOU WISH YOUR OWN CABIN:  All single occupancy cabins in all categories will pay double the cruise fare, but only pay tax once)


Optional 2 night Pre cruise package in Barcelona Spain

August 3-5, 2024


2 nights’ accommodations at either the Holiday Inn Express, Mercure, Novotel or similar.

Sightseeing tour of Barcelona

Transport from the hotel to the cruise ship


Only $499 per person based on two people per room

Or $750 in single occupancy for the privacy of your own room for the 2 night Pre Cruise program


Deposits and payments


A $250 per person deposit is required to book your space on this cruise.

The balance payment is due: Wed. April 19th.

Cancel policy for this trip:

Canceling before the balance payment is made:

If we have assigned you a roommate, your $250 deposit is non refundable if you cancel.

If you have booked the trip with a roommate of your own arrangement, or in single occupancy, then your $250 deposit is fully refundable if you cancel prior to making the balance payment.

All cancelations after you have made your balance payment will be fully Non-Refundable, unless a new passenger is found to replace you and pays in full for that same space.

Optional TRAVEL INSURANCE IS AVAILABLE TO BE PURCHASED FROM THE CRUISE LINE AND SIMPLY ADDED TO YOUR RESERVATION:  THIS CAN BE ADDED AT ANY TIME UNTIL YOU MAKE YOUR BALANCE PAYMENT;  (So please ask us for insurance rates on protecting your trip cost, in the event you get sick, injured or have to miss the trip for any other covered reasons )